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"I didnít quite know what I was getting into when I had my first Rolfing session, but now that Iíve been to just a few sessions with Brian, I am already feeling the effects! I stand taller and some of my persistent aches and pains have decreased."

- Ellie B., Office Manager

"Iíve been to a few sessions with Brian and if you are into trying Rolfing for the first time or have been before, heís your guy. I felt much better as persistent aches reduced with continued sessions and I even credit him with relieving wrist soreness & increasing usability after a bike accident left it smarting. Brian is thorough and will explain and answer any of your questions about Rolfing."

- Michelle M., Artist

"This has been my first experience with rolfing and it has been great. I have felt a real and consistent change in the way my body feels, especially my feet and shoulders."

- Kevin M., Elementary School Teacher

"This summer I decided to give it a try to see if it could help with some persistent pains I had been living with for some time. I have done yoga for years and have also used acupuncture for pain- I thought rolfing might compliment both these experiences. After my second session I felt like I could feel the floor beneath my feet like I had never felt before. I wasnít expecting this response- actually I didnít know what to expect. After I finished all 10 sessions I felt much lighter and more fluid throughout my body."

- Abra K., Peace Corp Volunteer

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